How We Do It

Our Multi-Family Alpha® strategy combines a proactive management style with a meticulously researched approach to the market to consistently maximize value, mitigate risk and deliver superior results.

We acquire primarily stabilized assets with operational and financial value-add that are selected based on our ability to generate excess risk-adjusted returns. These returns are “above the line” on the standard real estate risk-return spectrum, so we deliver higher returns for less than expected risk and realize a high Sharpe ratio relative to alternative return benchmarks. Our strategy leverages our unmatched local reputation, access to off-market and pocket listings, in-depth market research and vertically integrated structure. All our assets are well protected from external market downturns and our business model is designed to produce significant current cash returns in any operating environment.


Thinking Big

We utilize a thematic, macro approach to first assess markets (particularly secondary and less efficient ones) and then identify specific deal opportunities where we can:

  •  acquire sound, cash-flowing assets at attractive prices,
  •  reposition and orchestrate value-add improvements and
  •  restructure, improve and/or refinance distressed properties.

Acting Small

We utilize intensive, proactive asset management to:

  •  manage risk to preserve investment value,
  •  maximize the investment performance of each asset and
  •  enhance long-term asset value

Multi-Family Alpha®: The Right Strategy for the Right Markets

Acquisition Value-Add


Financial Value-Add


Operational Value-Add


Why Northern New Jersey

Let the market speak for itself…

  •  More than 200,000 units of 20+ unit buildings within a 10 minute radius of mass transit
  •  Time to NYC-Penn Station is less than 35 minutes (faster than some parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan)
  •  Age brackets most likely to rent (24-35 and 55+) represent America’s largest population brackets for the next 20 years
  •  Stable occupancy, dense population, high walkability and large affordability gap between renting and owning
  •  Fragmented ownership creates active acquisition market