What We Do

We drive value for our investors and communities through in-depth analysis and research, sound acquisition strategy, innovative asset management and hands-on property management.

Founded in 2010, OneWall Partners® is a vertically integrated real estate firm that focuses on transit and lifestyle-oriented workforce housing in the northeast US. We locate regional offices at or within close proximity to all of our assets and are uniquely positioned to fully leverage our in-house property management group, OneWall Management®, to control 100% of our value chain while simultaneously realizing significant operational efficiencies.


At our core is an ethos that drives us to align the interests of our investors and residents. We demonstrate…



We deliver on our promise; we say what we mean and do what we say.



We are dedicated to continuous improvement and self-challenge.



We do the right thing under all circumstances and strive for win-win outcomes.



We lead by setting the examples for others.



We give back to the communities that we serve in a way that makes a difference.

Meet the Leadership Team

With more than 100 years of combined experience, our team members bring together diverse backgrounds in finance, acquisitions, asset management, property management, development, construction, and human resources. Each team member embodies the entrepreneurial attitude that drives us to achieve perfection in all facets of our business.

Andy Wallace of One Wall Partners

Andy Wallace

Chief Executive Officer/Principal

Ron Kutas of One Wall Partners

Ron Kutas

Chief Operating Officer/Principal

Nate Kline of One Wall Partners

Nate Kline

Chief Investment Officer/Principal

Kerri Haltom

Senior Vice President, Property Management

Michael Busenhart

Asset Manager

Donicia Irizarry

Director of Operations

Frank Gervasio

Asset Manager

Dr. Juenara Washington

Director of Human Resources

Aryeh Bodner